JCH Sky Scraper v/d Corner Brook

" Youp "

Dutch Junior Champion

Hips A     Elbows 0-0     Eyes Clear (2016)

GR_PRA1 Normal     GR_PRA2 Normal     ICT-A Normal

 Herwildy's Michelangelo Roxali DaVinchi at Ritzilyn  Ritzilyn Brandon Perrimay Hugo of Fenwood
Ritzilyn Stage Door Jenny
Thornywait Pussycat Doll with Roxali Floprym Rivaldo
Thornywait Miss Behaving
Herwildy's Sugar Sugar Baby Xanthous Sire Sinclaere Steval Oneupmanship
Xanthous Somebody to Love
Herwildy's Pickwick Gunhills Over the Moon
Herwildy's Be My Snow Music
Herwildy's Ice Cream Dream Max An Apple A Day Jazzman's DaCapo Siatham Raynor
Jako's Hope
Eplepai Av Vervik Tottelina Observer
Dasty Golden Daffodil
Xanthous Strawberry Fields Forever Gatchells Man of Honour Golmas Governor
Gatchells Royal Orchid
Xanthous Promise Gunhills Over the Moon
Born to Be of the Hellacious Acres